Sugar Health Effects. How to Make Your Own Sugar?


Sugar is more popular in cube form that is generally very unhealthy product. “Why?”, you may ask. Excessive sugar consumption creates various problems. Even if it’s not killing you, it can cause your blood sugar to spike, and ruin your metabolism. Certainly, it’ll be bad for your body shape and your health condition particularly. Also, it has an effect on the immune system. It’s known the problems with the immune system can lead to illnesses. Have you ever thought about the reasons that cause colds and the flu among our kids? The only logical thing that comes up is pampering them too much by giving sweets freely.

Moreover, you should know that sugar makes your skin lose its elastic qualities. So don’t be surprised when you notice the signs of aging like the deep facial wrinkles. cup-of-coffee-with-sugar-cubes-around-it_21236436

Many of us eat large amount of sugar regularly, rather than occasionally. In most cases we can’t manage a cup of tea /coffee without adding sugar or some sweetness, even when there is no need for extra amount of this product.

As far as I know, nowadays many young moms wonder how to make healthy and delicious oatmeal breakfast that kids can enjoy? Are there any alternatives to sugar? Recently, the number of new products came to markets in Europe. For instance, a crystallised grape sugar and the syrup made from the agave plant can be used as the sweeteners. However, grape sugar isn’t sweet enough. In addition, both products are priced higher than refined sugar. Besides, it’s still rare to find them in the supermarkets.

Any solutions? Yeap! I suggest making your own fruit sugar at home.Without doubt, it’s probably one of the easiest food projects you could possibly do. So here’s my fav recipe for many years.

It takes just three ingredients:

  • 750 gram of sugar
  • 200 ml of water
  • 200 ml of honey

How to make it? Follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. You need to pour granulated sugar into a blender and then blend it. However, you can skip this step buying powdered sugar in a supermarket.
  2. Mix the sugar with water.
  3. Once the sugar has dissolved into the water, you need to add some honey.
  4. Then mix these ingredients again and cover it with lid.
  5. Leave in a warm spot for 8 days, but don’t forget to stir the mixture with a wooden spoon 3 times per day.
  6. Store in a plastic container. Done!

To love yourself means to take care of your external and internal appearance. It’s time to make healthy changes in your life!




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