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About Me

‘I don’t complain about destiny
Age is kind to me.
But I’m still wandering if a second youth exists?
But if this is the reality, it’s better this time than ever before.
This life phase is so profound and sincere,
And I am grateful for it.
Everyone was young once since youth’s the gift of nature.
But I’ve made myself feel young again
Now my youth belongs only me.
I paid the price with my soul
And it’s true blue.’
V. Tushnova ©
Hello, everyone!
I’m Eliza but my friends call me Liz.
This extract from the poem by V. Tushnova hasn’t been randomly chosen.
I truly believe we can preserve our eternal youth, and stop caring about biological age.
But what are we gonna do you might wonder? Because even if we want to defy the aging process, no one has found a secret elixir.  However, you can still cheat your age if you know some beauty secrets.
Honestly, I look younger than my age, and not all my friends know how old am I. Only my obsession with natural beauty care and healthy eating is obvious.
So when someone asks me about my personal secrets of youth, I share it freely.  For me, there is nothing better than willing to help and seeing visible beauty results!
So eventually I’ve decided to start my own blog to talk about natural beauty products, and to convince you that these cosmetics really work.
You’ll always find at Vgupont.com all of my best beauty hacks and healthy recipes to feel years younger. My mission is to make beauty care as easy and effective as possible. That’s why I never stop exploring something new.
Also, I’ll tend to inspire you living healthy and doing the best for you beauty.
You definitely can create your way to turn back the clock! As someone once said, aging is like a disease from which we may recover.

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