Kidneys Health

Kikidneys healthdneys are responsible for filtering waste products and other impurities out of the body. As an essential tool it filters out toxins and urea. However, when the kidneys don’t work properly, the likelihood of body swelling increases because they can’t eliminate all of the excess of salt and sodium from the body. Moreover, this key organ helps to maintain the acid – base balance, otherwise the physiological responses such as weakness and headaches can occur.

On average, every 10th person has the kidney disease while has no symptoms. It’s a long-term condition, So, it can take many years to go from kidney disease to the stage, when the kidneys are failing. In some cases a person can lose up to the largest percentage of kidney function before feeling sick. It means that the kidneys don’t adequately work as they have to.kidney jpeg

It means that only replacement of failed kidneys can help to stay alive. Nevertheless, nowadays there is a method used to treat the kidneys failure. It calls ‘hemodialysis’. With this treatment it’s possible to restore the blood to a normal balance. To filter harmful wastes from blood, a person a person needs an access to a bloodstream to filter harmful wastes, from blood. Most people can remain on dialysis for many years, and this treatment can partially compensate for the loss of kidney. Hemodialysis can improve life quality.

Unfortunately, the number of patients, who receive it, constantly increases. In other words, kidney failure rates continue to rise. In our daily life, bad habits increase a risk for this kind decease. Consequently, to maintain health of kidney, it’s necessary to replace unhealthy routines with a healthy food


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